Tips for Packing Your Wilderness First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must when adventuring outdoors. It can be difficult to know exactly what supplies to pack. You don’t want to carry extra weight unnecessarily, but you want to be prepared should the worse happen. Here are a few tips for packing your wilderness first aid kit.

Learn the Material

A well-stocked first-aid kit does no good if you aren’t sure how to use it. If you aren’t comfortable providing basic first aid, wilderness first aid classes are a great place to learn the basics. You’ll learn skills and gain the confidence that you can handle any challenges that come up while out adventuring.

Know Your Kit

There are many excellent pre-made first aid kits out there, but you can easily make your own. Whichever route you take, dedicate some time to learning what items your kit has and how to use them. A typical kit should have supplies for wounds and injuries and medications and ointments. Swap out any supplies that are expired or of inferior quality. Before each trip out, inspect the kit’s supplies. It’s the worst feeling when you open up your first-aid kit to grab some moleskin, only to realize you used it up on your last adventure.

Consider Your Trip

Different adventures call for different supplies. Depending on the length and location of your outdoor experience, you’ll want to pack the most useful materials. Adjust supplies based on the number of members in your group. It’s also important to consider how far away you’ll be from help when determining the quantity of supplies to pack.

First aid kits are essential when heading out for an outdoor adventure. Though you hope to never use them, it’s good to know that you have the supplies available should the worst happen. Keep these tips in mind when packing your kit for your next excursion.