4 Types of Boats Popular in Florida

Being a peninsula, Florida is a great place for boating and other water activities. Because the demand is high in Florida, it is also a good place to buy a boat because there is a wide selection available. They range in size from very small vessels to larges ones that may require you to get in touch with boat lift manufacturers Florida if you want to move it out of the water.

The type of boat you should get depends on many factors, such as where you want to sail it, what you want to do with it, how many people you need it to carry, and so on. The following information explains which boats are good for which situations.

1. Sailboat

If you don’t already know how to sail a sailboat, learning could be an exciting new challenge for you to take on. If you already have the knowledge and experience required, a sailboat is a very versatile recreational vessel.

2. Flats Boats

In Florida’s coastal waters, the depth of the water sometimes only extends down two feet or less. If you plan to sail in these areas, you may need a flats boat designed specifically to navigate them.

3. Bowrider

A bowrider may be a good option if you would like to be able to take large groups out on the water at the same time. It is called this because it offers seating up front for many people. Whether you’re taking tourists to see the sights or want to take day trips with family and friends, a bowrider might be the right choice for you.

4. Bay Boat

A bay boat is a powerboat with a fiberglass hull so that it can go in saltwater. Its ability to adjust the height of its engine gives it the ability to navigate the shallows as needed.