How to Enjoy Flexibility in Managing Your Travel Tickets

Travelling does not only involve choosing a destination, booking a plane ticket, and accommodation. Proper planning of your travel prevents confusion and a last-minute rush while ensuring a hassle-free process.

However, a slight change in your planned schedule of events and conferences can cause significant inconveniences, especially when you have a flight to catch. Rescheduling, changing your cabin class, altering your destination, ticket cancellation, and requesting refunds can be a tedious and frustrating process.

The cancellation policy and extension of ticket validity for most airlines require that the traveler pays a change fee or not be eligible to receive a full refund on their booking.

Some of the other expenses that may arise include penalties, fare differences, or additional taxes, which require to be paid online before activating the changes made to the booking.

That should not be a problem anymore. You can easily adjust your booking and enjoy making free unlimited flight changes with Cathay Pacific.

It is an incredible service where you don’t need to physically visit the airline office to adjust your booking to suit your travel needs.

All the services are available online, offering you the opportunity to make changes to your flight itinerary and manage all parts of your trip from the comfort of your home or office.

You can use the ‘manage booking’ icon on the website or the airlines’ app, which is available on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

To book a flight ticket, visit the official airline’s website and key in the details of your trip, including the time and date. You can make any customizations you wish for your ticket, provided the booking is made in a week’s advance from the online platform.

Following the hit of the Covid-19 pandemic, the airline has adopted a system to allow for amendment of booked tickets which may be necessary following a changed conference date, for instance. To offer convenience and better adaptability, the airline offers a limitless measure of times to make changes to your booking without any additional charges.

The airline offers the possibility of altering your origin or destination and adding or removing stopovers. A change of the routes is also possible. In such cases, flyers can make changes to an equivalent or a cheaper flight without incurring any additional expenses.

When a customer adjusts to a new flight valued higher than the initial one, they are only requested to pay the top-up amount without any change fees being incurred. There is no restriction to pay the additional amount using the same credit card used for the previous booking.

In all cases, the fare rule stands, i.e., takeoff period, flight application, least/moderate stay, etc.

If the flyer had initially completed online check-in, they would be required first to cancel the check-in using the manage booking tool on the website then proceed to make the changes they need.

The timeframe for making changes on the airline’s website is usually 24 hours preceding the flight’s takeoff or up to 6 hours before the flight’s departure, whichever applies to your case.

The online platform offers flyers an opportunity to upgrade their flights using the option that is best suited to their specific purchase needs.

There is an opportunity for customers to reserve their seats on the online platform.

In case of system errors encountered when making the changes, there is a contact center to offer assistance in completing the process.

After completing the change request, a confirmation email is sent upon successful amendment to your booking, and the revised ticket is shared within an hour.

From the booking app, flyers have access to updates and any travel advisories that may be issued.

Besides the tickets, flyers can easily manage their baggage from the travel extras provided by the airline on the online platform. Significant discounts are available for prepaid extra baggage on the selected routes covered by the airline and are applicable up to 24 hours before departure.

It is important to note that changes are only applicable to bookings made directly through the airline’s channels.

With activated access to PressReader, you can download as many issues as you wish for offline reading during your flight.

Cathay Pacific is committed to giving you a better experience while ensuring your travel convenience.


The 4 main advantages of mailing business postcards

As a business, it’s always prudent to incorporate postcard marketing into your marketing campaign to optimize your advantages over competitors. These benefits may include readability, content, and also the cost of sending postcards. Direct mail services Tampa-located, and many other areas, often ensure the postcards are used to produce leads rather than purchases. The thing is, mailing of postcards is a two-step procedure. They’re meant to let readers know where they can get more information regarding what is being offered. Since postcards provide so little detail, you shouldn’t expect to sell goods directly from them, but they can generate good leads. Let’s dive in and look at the four main advantages of postcard campaigns.

Highly targeted

Unlike the ads in magazines and televisions, postcards are highly targeted in that each item mailed reaches its targeted audience. Mailing lists of individuals with specific purchasing habits or traits are used by marketers who want to mail company postcards to them for exposure.

Highly versatile 

Small business owners may use postcards to guide customers to their company’s website. Any business can request that readers dial an 800 number to hear their sales pitch. A small travel agency, for example, might send postcards to local businesses and then tell people to dial an 800 number. Most calls will be routed to simulated secretaries or receptionists.

After listening to a short, insightful message, interested parties may be asked to leave their name and phone number. Postcard recipients may be asked to return postcards after filling out their name, address, city, state, and ZIP code.

Attracts attention

Marketers that use postcards will quickly capture people’s interest. They can be read without needing to open the envelope. They may even easily read headlines and print to get the gist of the offer. Marketers often use color in postcards to draw attention.

Saves money

Marketers prefer postcards because they’re cheaper to mail compared to letters. Businesses may even save money on postage, address stickers, and the time it takes to collate several pages. Traditional direct mailers often send out promotional emails, brochures, and order forms, many of which are more expensive to print.