Top tips on choosing a hire car

Choosing the right hire car might make the difference of making or breaking your next holiday or business trip. With so much potentially at stake, therefore, here are a few top tips on getting that choice right:

Do you need one?

  • perhaps the first, rather obvious question, is whether you need a hire car at all;
  • with your own car forever at your beck and call at home, it might be tempting to expect that you always need one wherever your travels might be taking you;
  • but if you are going to be spending a week in Manhattan, for example, where the price of car rental is high, parking is expensive and taxis are comparatively cheap and more convenient, why encumber yourself with a hire car;

What type of car do you need?

  • where you are going, how long you will be there and what you are going to be doing there are all factors likely to influence the type of hire car you choose;
  • if you are on a city break where a car is likely to be useful, a smaller vehicle for nipping about town might be your choice, rather than a more powerful, roomier but fuel-heavier car you might need for touring or when longer road journeys are necessary;
  • it is all a question of horses for courses, as the saying goes;


  • choosing the appropriate type of hire car is not only going to affect the cost of rental, but also what you may need to pay for the vehicle’s insurance;
  • sometimes, it might be difficult to work out exactly how much the insurance is costing you, since it is included in the overall package of car rental – particularly if you are renting in the UK or Europe;
  • if such a package is included, make sure that you understand just what it covers – common excluded may be damage to certain parts of the vehicle, or even the theft of the car – and if you need arrange cover yourself, be aware that there is a bewildering array of different types of insurance you may need;
  • similarly, you are likely to find that the excess you may have to pay on any such insurance is rarely made clear at the time of booking;

Fuel policy

  • you might also want to check the rental company’s fuel policy;
  • typically, this is going to be one of two different arrangements – picking up and returning the car with a full tank of fuel or returning it empty;
  • if it is the former, make sure to refuel before you return the car – or you risk paying an inflated price for fuel if the rental company has to refill it for you – and if it is the latter, you may end up paying for any unused fuel still left in the tank when you return it;

Book early

  • not only is this likely to be one of the most expensive places from which to hire your car, but by this stage in your travels you are unlikely to have the pick of the particular make and model of vehicle you want to rent and be left only with those that the company has available;
  • to give yourself the widest possible choice – at a more competitive rate – therefore, you might want to book your hire car as early as possible when planning your trip;


  • once you have chosen your hire car, remember that there are the obvious documents to take, such as your driving licence and the paperwork for any excess insurance you might already have bought;

Safety equipment

  • remember that some European countries have particular rules about the safety equipment you must carry in any car you are driving – such as warning triangles, high-visibility tabards and even breathalyser kits;
  • make sure that any car you hire has the necessary equipment on board before you drive it away.

If you are planning to hire a car the next time you go away, therefore, it is worth giving the matter plenty of thought in advance, so that you may avoid some of the more obvious – and expensive – pitfalls.




Visiting Thailand

Visiting Thailand at this time of year has many obvious benefits. Since it is February, escaping the winter blues can be an invaluable tool ensuring that you do not have to suffer from winter sadness that strikes so many people in western countries at this time of year. It is also a nice change of scenery allowing you to do something different for a change when everybody does is talk about work and nothing else. I myself am a huge enthusiast of traveling in the middle of winter because I want to beat the winter gloom by going to places that are always sunny, and Thailand is a good example that this is indeed true.

One of the nicest places I have ever heard of in Thailand is Krabi. If you are in the mood for some sunny and absolutely stunning Krabi beaches, you will be interested in krabi transfers that will allow you to get from an airport of your choice to any hotel in Krabi you can think of. It is always better to have such things prepared in advance as the moment you set foot on Thai soil you don’t want to start looking for airport transfers. Instead, you want to be able to relax from the moment you go on holidays so that all you can think of are your holidays.

Why booking airport transfers in advance is such a good idea? There are several reasons this is very convenient. First of all, you don’t know the local languages, so having somebody book an airport transfer is a great idea. Secondly, thanks to the Internet you can do such things many weeks in advance, which will give you the peace of mind as you will know that everything is being taken care of and all you need to do is to fully enjoy your heard-earned holidays that you have always wanted so much and that you finally have time to go on.

Beachwear for Spring and Summer

With the spring and summer season just around the corner, many of us will be planning holidays and, while it’s hard to picture right now, one day we will wake up to warm, sunny weather ready to bask in the sun.

As we’ll be spending time on the beach, where swimwear and beachwear play an important role, it’s useful to know that shops receive around 80% of new season swimwear stock in February and March. Ever wondered why size options seem limited by July? Savvy shoppers either snap up new season swimwear now, or get a last season bargain in the winter sales. Brands such as Airy Mary are a prime example of stores which specialize in swimwear and beachwear all year round, but boast the widest selection from February to April.
In my opinion, supportive, fashionable swimwear is something that shouldn’t be a panic purchase in your local supermarket hours before your flight. If you think that all swimsuits are equal, think again. We now have the choice of high tech Lycra mixed with soft polyamide in styles that can flatter all body shapes: underwired, non-wired, tummy control, bra sized for larger busts, with matching shorts and sarongs……the list is endless. Airy Mary offers swimwear to HH cup, so there really is no excuse for fuller busted women to let gravity win by wearing swimwear designed to support a B cup.

I have always liked the idea of shopping for lingerie and swimwear on the internet, provided that I’m offered free returns and free shipping on anything. They aren’t items I enjoy trying on in stores. I can buy whatever I want and if it doesn’t fit me, which happens from time to time, I send it back for a full refund. As well as choice, online shopping allows me to compare prices quickly, which also can’t be said for shopping on the high street. In the past, I’ve travelled light and I’ve travelled to destinations where I brought way too much clothing with me. Swimwear, however, is small, lightweight and easy to pack. So if I want to mix it up and wear something different at the pool each day, there’s nothing to stop me. With my daydreams of the beach and sunny weather, I’m getting back to online browsing. As long as I start the search early, this strategy is paying off.