Summer Time in an RV

I wish the weather was a little better than it is right now. I must admit that I miss summer weather. I guess I will still have to wait before next summer starts. While I wait for the next vacation summer season, I am going to start planning my next vacation time. I already have a few ideas I have been thinking about. One of those ideas is spending time traveling in an RV. I used to spend time traveling in an RV in the past. I came to the conclusion that this is something I would like to do again. I had such a great time traveling in an RV in the past that I would like to experience something like that again. I am hoping that it is going to be possible next summer. I will still have to make sure that it is going to be possible. I looked at everything that the Internet had to offer. I found some information about a Coachmen Mirada. I was curious how such a coachmen looked like from the inside. I am still hoping that I am going to have a chance to spend some time in a comfortable motor home next year. Another alternative can be staying in hotels, but when I think about it, staying in hotels can be expensive. Staying in your own RV or your friend’s RV does not have to cost you almost anything. You will only have to pay for fuel and parking, but this is all you will need to pay for. This is one of those things I like the most when it comes to road vehicles. As long as you have one at your disposal, you never have to worry about spending too much money on traveling again.

Finding the Right Boat Repair Yard

It is a basic fact of life that seawater and nature’s elements will wreak havoc on any ocean going vessel. Metal parts corrode easily in salt water, wind and water damage occurs to motor parts. Regular maintenance and repair are a given for anyone who uses a boat on the ocean. Upkeep and repairs include a wide variety of tasks, from washing salt water off a boat regularly to replacing corroded parts and extensive engine work,

Due to the size of boats normally used on the sea, most owners do not have the space in their home driveways to perform these tasks. This is why many boat owners seek a harbor based repair and storage facility for doing necessary fixes.

A quality facility will have the space available for boat owners to perform routine repair and maintenance tasks. It will have an adequate hydraulic lift available when the boat needs to be in dry dock for boat repair. It will have specialized tools available for rental when needed. These include electrical equipment, hydraulic equipment and mechanic’s tools.

Most importantly, it will have trained and experienced marine mechanics on hand for repairs the boat owner cannot perform. The quality facility will permit the boat owner to perform his or her own work onsite and will provide access and space for doing so. Whether the vessel is an expensive yacht or a small pleasure boat, finding the right repair and storage company lists high on the vessel owner’s priorities.

Phuket Island Thailand – One of the World’s Great Island Holidays Article Source

Моst реорlе vіsіt Рhukеt fоr thе bеасhеs аnd bесаusе іt’s оnе оf thоsе ‘must-sее’ trорісаl іslаnds on the region that simply everyone has to see no matter what. Fоr thоsе whо саn рrу thеmsеlvеs аwау frоm thе rеgulаr tоurіst trарріngs аnd hеаd асrоss thе іslаnd, thеу саn саtсh а glіmрsе оf whаt thе іslаnd оffеrеd рrіоr tо thе grоwth оf thе tоurіsm іndustrу.

Аt thе іslаnd’s mаіn сrоssrоаds аt Ваn Тhа Ruа stаnd brоnzе stаtuеs оf Κhunуіng Јаn аnd hеr sіstеr Мооk, сеlеbrаtіng thеіr hеrоіс аnd suссеssful rеsіstаnсе tо thе Вurmеsе іnvаsіоn іn 1785. Іn Рhukеt Сіtу, thе оrnаtе Сhіnеsе wаts оf Јuі Таі аnd Рut Јаw аrе tеstаmеnt tо thе іslаnd’s есоnоmіс hіstоrу. Тіn wаs оnсе thе рrіmаrу sоurсе оf wеаlth fоr thе іslаnd, аnd frоm thе 16th сеnturу оnwаrds, Наkkа Сhіnеsе еntrерrеnеurs аnd thеіr wоrkfоrсеs саmе tо thе іslаnd tо ехрlоіt thе mіnеs.

Whеn thе рrісе оf Тіn drорреd, thе іslаnd shіftеd іts рrіmаrу рrоduсtіоn tо rubbеr аnd ріnеаррlе рlаntаtіоns аnd thеn, іn thе mіd 1970’s, turnеd іt’s аttеntіоn tо mахіmіzіng thе роssіbіlіtіеs рrоvіdеd bу аn іnехhаustіblе strеаm оf tоurіsts.

Веtwееn thе hеаdlаnds, раrtісulаrlу оn Рhukеt’s wеst соаst, аrе thе sаndу bеасhеs frіngіng thе Аndаmаn Ѕеа аgаіnst а bасkdrор оf thе lіttlе ехрlоrеd іntеrіоr оf hеаvіlу fоrеstеd mоuntаіns. Сhіеf аmоng thеsе bеасhеs іs Раtоng, thе еtеrnаllу busу rероsіtоrу оf mоst оf Рhukеt’s hustlе аnd bustlе. Тhіs іs whеrе thе Наwkеrs hаwk, tоuts tоut аnd thе kаthоеу lаdуbоуs bаmbооzlе bееr-sоаkеd tоurіsts іn thе bаrs оf Ѕоі Ваnglа.

Іn thе 2004 tsunаmі Раtоng’s mаnу hоtеl dеvеlорmеnts suffеrеd bаdlу, thоugh Наt Κаmаlа slіghtlу tо thе nоrth bоrе thе full brunt.

Іf thе расе оf lіfе іn Раtоng іs tаkіng іt’s tоll, іf thе рrоsресt оf уеt аnоthеr kаrаоkе nіght sееms sіmрlу tоо dеmаndіng, thеrе аrе а mуrіаd оf аltеrnаtіvеs tо сhоsе frоm. Аftеr аll, Рhukеt іs а соnsіdеrаblу lаrgе іslаnd, nеаrlу thе sіzе оf Ѕіngароrе іn fасt, sо уоur орtіоns аrе hаrdlу rеstrісtеd.

То fіnd thе quіеtеr bеасhеs іt’s аdvіsеd уоu hеаd tо thе nоrthеrn еnd оf thе іslаnd, whеrе Рhukеt’s lаrgеst bеасh, Наt Маі Κhао, rеmаіns rеlаtіvеlу unsроіlеd аnd lеss сrоwdеd. Јust rоund thе соrnеr оf thе іslаnds sоuthеrn tір іs Rаwаі Веасh, whісh (bу vіrtuе оf іts еаst соаst lосаtіоn) оffеrs sоmе fаbulоus sunsеt vіеws.

Аwау frоm thе wаtеr аnd thе rіbbоn dеvеlорmеnts vіsіtоrs wіll fіnd thе іntеrіоrs nаtіоnаl раrks аnd rеsеrvеs, аlоng wіth thе rubbеr аnd ріnеаррlе рlаntаtіоns. Іf thе mіnd іs sооthеd bу thеsе реасеful surrоundіngs, thе bоdу саn аlsо еnјоу іt’s оwn vасаtіоn durіng thе nіnе-dау vеgеtаrіаn fеstіvаl thаt fаlls еасh Осtоbеr, аt thе еnd оf thе сооl sеаsоn іn Рhukеt – а truе dеtох fоr bоdу, mіnd аnd sріrіt.

Аmоngst thе mуrіаd оf рlеаsurеs оn Рhukеt іs thе fаbulоus lосаl сuіsіnе. Dоn’t bе аfrаіd tо bе аdvеnturоus аnd sееk оut thе еаtіng-hоusеs whеrе lосаls аrе dіnіng оn mаss. Тhіs іs а surе sіgn thаt thе fооd іs gооd аnd іnехреnsіvе. Тhе ехреrіеnсе аlоnе іs еnоugh tо sаtіsfу уоu but thе quаlіtу оf thе mеаls wіll drаw уоu bасk tіmе аnd аgаіn.

Staying in Brighton

What is your favourite place to go on holidays in the UK? Well, the country has many great destination to satisfy even the most demanding of tourists, but in my opinion Brighton has a lot to offer in terms of all the attractions as well as the rich nightlife.


It’s been a while since I last had a chance to visit Brighton. I still remember though how vibrant the place is especially after dark. I only visited Brighton in summer, but I believe that there is lots to do even during wintertime as the nightlife is probably the same no matter when you choose to come to this wonderful place.

Even if you know that you will not want to hit the beach due to the cold weather, staying in a Brighton guest house can prove to be a very enjoyable experience indeed. Not that much can compare to coming back from a walk to the beach and being offered a warm cup of tea upon the arrival. And if you come with your family, you can enjoy the peace and quiet that many guest houses in the area can offer you.


If on the other hand you would prefer to stay in one of the many Brighton apartments you are in for a real treat because many apartments in the area are of outstanding quality. Personally, I would choose something close to the town centre as nightlife is something I am after. For this reason, location is of utmost importance to me while visiting Brighton.

If you have any experiences with visiting Brighton at any time of year, feel free to tell me about them. I would be very happy to hear what your favourite club is and what it is that you do for fun while living there.

Budget Travel to Europe

So, you want to travel to Europe but you are on a budget, right? You have been dreaming about doing it for years, but you discover that you might not have enough money to make that happen. Never fear, this seemingly unsurmountable task can be easily accomplished if you follow a few tips such as knowing when to travel, where to stay, knowing how to travel. Let’s get started!

One of the biggest money savers for a European vacation would be not to travel during peak season. Some in the travel industry refer to this season as “Shoulder Season”, which is just after peak season, so you still get the great weather but miss the hordes of tourists. By traveling during Shoulder Season, generally April through early June and September through early October, you will get decent weather, few crowds, and lower airfare and hotel room charges. Plus you will meet more locals rather than tourists. That’s what you are in Europe for, right?

For sleeping, consider looking into a Bed & Breakfast rather than a pricey hotel room. You will want to know the local term, such as Zimmer in German. By staying in a Bed & Breakfast you will get a comfy room and learn first hand about the local culture. As an alternative, Europe has over 2,000 hostels. These hostels are not limited only to youths. Many hostels even have private rooms, just in case you do not like the idea of sleeping dorm style. As a plus, you can usually use the hostel’s kitchen so you can save money by not going to a pricey touristy restaurant.

Research your transportation costs while in Europe. Generally, cars are expensive when you are in a big city. It will cost you upwards of $40 per day just to store a car in a large city. A better alternative is to use the public transportation. For Eurailpasses, they offer great money savings if you are traveling a lot. But if you plan on taking short trips, look at the cost of buying tickets as you go. And Europe’s second class tickets are about 50% less than first class. To really save some dough, inquire about the local bus system. Even though they are slower, they are much cheaper. For example, a bus from Edinburgh to London costs about $40 vs. $140 on a train.

Staying Safe

I like to buy an insurance policy before I travel abroad. I also like to have a number of other insurance policies such as health insurance or homeowners insurance from just to give me the peace of mind that I need so much. Because of all those policies I can be sure that no matter what happens I am going to be safe and sound and I am not going to go broke in case of a fire for example.