Staying in Brighton

What is your favourite place to go on holidays in the UK? Well, the country has many great destination to satisfy even the most demanding of tourists, but in my opinion Brighton has a lot to offer in terms of all the attractions as well as the rich nightlife.


It’s been a while since I last had a chance to visit Brighton. I still remember though how vibrant the place is especially after dark. I only visited Brighton in summer, but I believe that there is lots to do even during wintertime as the nightlife is probably the same no matter when you choose to come to this wonderful place.

Even if you know that you will not want to hit the beach due to the cold weather, staying in a Brighton guest house can prove to be a very enjoyable experience indeed. Not that much can compare to coming back from a walk to the beach and being offered a warm cup of tea upon the arrival. And if you come with your family, you can enjoy the peace and quiet that many guest houses in the area can offer you.


If on the other hand you would prefer to stay in one of the many Brighton apartments you are in for a real treat because many apartments in the area are of outstanding quality. Personally, I would choose something close to the town centre as nightlife is something I am after. For this reason, location is of utmost importance to me while visiting Brighton.

If you have any experiences with visiting Brighton at any time of year, feel free to tell me about them. I would be very happy to hear what your favourite club is and what it is that you do for fun while living there.