Visit Gorgeous Lake George, the Other Face of New York

Say “New York” to most people and New York City is what springs to mind. But beyond the concrete jungle, Upstate New York contains vast untamed forests, most notably in the Adirondack Mountains. Deep in the Adirondacks lies Lake George, the crown jewel of the region, whose small lakeside communities retain the rustic charms of a quaint rural retreat.

See the Sights

The shores of Lake George have long been a paradise for summer tourists. Gilded Age millionaires built lavish mansions along the lake shore, many of which have become high-end hotels. However, for an authentic Adirondacks experience, cabin rental rates Lake George NY remain reasonable year-round.

Located at opposite ends of the lake, Fort William Henry and Fort Ticonderoga both reflect Lake George’s prominent position in America’s colonial past. The towns of Ticonderoga and Lake George feature fine dining and shopping in picturesque surroundings. For modern shopping, don’t miss the mass of factory outlets outside Lake George Village.

Enjoy the Water

When visiting Lake George, the lake itself is obviously a big draw. One activity on any visitor’s list is cruising the lake, whether by modern vessel or aboard an old-fashioned steamboat. However, the “Queen of American Lakes” has space for all sorts of watersports. Popular pastimes include swimming, paddleboarding, boating and waterskiing. Meanwhile, vacationers seeking maximum relaxation can bask on the beaches along Lake George’s 109 miles of shoreline.

Get Back to Nature

Lake George is just one section within the Adirondack Park, America’s largest forest preserve outside of Alaska. Away from resort areas is a wilderness spanning several million acres. These woods are a playground for hunting, hiking and biking, with perfect waters for fishing, canoeing and whitewater rafting. Mountain winters allow ample chances for skiing, sledding and snowboarding, while on warm nights, hearty travelers can sleep under the stars at remote backcountry campsites. In the Adirondacks, adventure abounds in all seasons.

Convenient to the city by car but a world away in character, Lake George offers untold opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Make Lake George the destination for your next vacation.

4 Tips for Acing Your Road Test

A car is a ticket to freedom and autonomy. It can take you where you need to go, no waiting required. But in order to drive it, you need more than just a key to start it. First, you have to pass a road test and get your license.

Display Clear Body Language

You know you check your mirrors, but unfortunately looking at something with just eye movement doesn’t make it obvious. To avoid confusion and disagreements on whether you did (or didn’t) check something, be sure to move your entire head. If you have long hair, you may want to wear it up so it doesn’t obstruct your instructor’s view of your observational skills.

Study The Roads Themselves

Don’t just familiarize yourself with signs and signals. Practicing in the town or city where you will be tested creates comfort with the local traffic and conditions. This will reduce surprises and boost your morale when you’re behind the wheel.

Find A Reliable Vehicle

Don’t drive something that will stall in the middle of the intersection. If you don’t have access to a vehicle and you’re a student, check with the school where you are enrolled for help. Sometimes driver’s education classes have cars for students to practice with—or even to use when taking their driver’s test.

If that option isn’t available, finding a rental might make the most sense. If you pick this route, look into car rental insurance Worcester MA so that if there’s an accident or hiccup, you won’t get stuck with a repair bill.

Don’t Over Do It

Because going too fast is against the rules, it doesn’t mean going too slow is better. And while you want to be confident, don’t show off. Speeding to get through a yellow light or zipping through a K-turn makes you look careless rather than capable.

The weight people put on a road test is far more daunting than the test itself. If you keep a cool head and memorize the material, you’ll do fine.


When planning a beach vacation, one of the important decisions is what mode of transportation to use. A bicycle is a great option for getting around the beach town and exploring the coastline. Beach bicycle rentals are available in many coastal towns, but there are several factors to consider when choosing a rental company.

Below are some factors to consider when searching for beach bicycle rentals:

Price Of Bicycle Rentals

The first thing to consider before engaging in services like  New Smyrna Beach Bicycle Rentals is the price. You will want an affordable option, but this does not mean that cheap prices look more attractive than higher-priced options. A company is typically cheaper if they rent old bikes or offer fewer features on their bikes. However, this may not be the best choice because quality matters most in beach bicycling. It is also important to note that paying a little up-front can save money in the long run because you do not have to worry about repairs and parts.

Quality of Rental Bicycles

Another important factor to consider when looking for the best beach bicycle rentals is quality. Overall, it would be best to look for a bicycle that offers many features and an overall high-quality structure. You get what you pay for in this case, so do not choose the cheapest option if it does not meet your standards and expectations. If the company has employees who do routine maintenance on their bicycles, then it shows they care about quality and customer satisfaction – which leads us to our next point:

Quality of Service Provided By Staff Members

Another big factor to consider when searching for beach bicycle rentals is how good the customer service provided by their staff members is. Many renters want someone to be there when looking to rent a bicycle, but many companies won’t provide this service. You want to have someone there to assist you in finding the best option for your beach bicycling needs and expectations, so do not choose a company that doesn’t offer this!

Beach bicycle rentals can be found at many tourist destinations. Whether you plan a beach vacation or want to pick up some cycling equipment, look at the things above when shopping for bike rentals.