Discover St. Augustine, America’s First City

Florida is known for its numerous tourist attractions. The city of St. Augustine, though, is one of a kind in the state and the country. Before Plymouth or Jamestown, Spanish explorers settled St. Augustine in 1565. Modern explorers will find the town a treasure, rich in character, charm and chances for pleasure.

American History In Miniature

Over its storied existence, St. Augustine has flown the Spanish, British, American and Confederate flags, a legacy reflected in its historic landmarks. St. Augustine features two Spanish forts—the 17th-century Castillo in the heart of town and the 18th-century Fort Matanzas on Anastasia Island. Other notable structures in the city were financed by 19th-century development tycoon Henry Flagler, including several grand hotels, the Old Jail and the residence housing the original Ripley’s Museum.

St. Augustine also holds a prominent position in black history. The Lincolnville neighborhood was founded by emancipated slaves just after the Civil War. A century later, Lincolnville residents and others fought a significant campaign for African American civil rights in the segregated city.

Florida Fishing

St. Augustine’s location an hour south of Jacksonville on Florida’s Atlantic coast makes it a great place to plan a fishing trip. North Florida waters teem with tarpon, flounder and drum. Fishing at its best is a fun mix of relaxation and excitement. Even if you catch nothing, you can still enjoy the water and wildlife.

Local fishing charters cater to all classes from the curious to the serious angler. Whether in search of deep-sea thrills or leisurely dolphin tours St. Augustine, there are captains handy and happy to help.

Walkers Welcome

Like most towns of its time, St. Augustine’s compact layout produces a pedestrian paradise. The center of walkability is the main drag, St. George Street, with 11 car-free blocks of tourist sites, indie shops, galleries, restaurants and bars. When you’re tired of walking or want to go farther afield, the tourist trolley is always looping through downtown, educating passengers along the way.

This remarkable destination is not to be missed. Come spend some time here to see what St. Augustine is all about.