3 Tips for Planning an Excellent Trip to Japan

With the 2021 Olympics slated to be in Japan, more and more people are curious about the island nation. Travelers will flock to its shores in no time, so here are three essential tips for planning a great trip to Japan.

Let The Professionals Do The Work

Instead of relying on past travelers’ blogs for planning advice, consider letting some experts do the planning for you. The best tour operators for Japan will happily plan everything for you, from the accommodations to food to sightseeing. Companies usually offer a variety of different packages (small groups, private tours, and different lengths of time.) They make the itinerary for you, and you get to enjoy everything without the stress of research and planning.

Rely On Locals’ Advice

If you prefer to make your own itinerary, then you should rely on the advice of the locals. Although there are plenty of travel bloggers that exist to give advice on the places they have been, the locals know all of the secret locations for authentic Japanese cuisine, hidden sites, and tips for blending into a new culture. Tourist websites will offer the easiest, but sometimes more expensive, options for food, lodging, and touring. A local will have a slightly more realistic perspective on new experiences for travelers new to their country.

Think Beyond The Big Cities

Tokyo is an amazing city filled with exciting new adventures, amazing food and nightlife, and cultural wonders for people to enjoy from all over the world. That being said, Japan offers a lot more than amazing cities. Explore beyond the concrete jungles when you travel to Japan. There are many Japanese mountains with grand beauty, such as Mount Fuji and Mount Kita, charming rustic villages that offer a glimpse into the past, and breathtaking beaches on the surrounding small islands. Think outside the bubble of the big cities to experience all Japan has to offer.

A trip to Japan can be a once in a lifetime experience. Make the most of your incredible adventure with these three tips and be sure to take lots of pictures.