Why Everybody Should Visit Barcelona

I am sure that you remember the Olympics in 1992 that took place in Barcelona. I was still a kid back then, but I clearly remember the event.

It is not a secret that hosting the Olympic Games greatly benefits every city that decided to host them. Look at London in 2012. The same applies to Barcelona. The city received the funding it needed and today is a thriving place with thousands of tourist attractions everybody should visit for sure.

When I am going to visit Barcelona, and I am sure that this day is going to happen at some point (my kids are still small and I don’t travel that much at the moment, but I know that it is going to change in the future when they are older), I am going to be so busy in the city and I am not going to miss any precious moment that I have there. I am also going to research Hoteles-Catalonia in advance to know where I am going to stay during this wonderful time.

There are plenty of attractions to visit during a stay In Barcelona. I will write about them in a nutshell here, but I believe that it’s best if you had a chance to visit them and see them for yourself. For example, one of the first things I am going to see is the ever-famous Sagrada Familia. I read somewhere that it took around 100 years to build this fantastic creation and that even today there are some changes that still take place in it. The building was designed by Gaudi, and there are many other buildings in the city that were designed by him and are of absolutely fantastic quality.

I am also going to try flamenco during my stay in Barcelona. I will probably try to dance myself, but seeing a show is also an option I am not going to pass.