Upstart Travel Agencies are Going Somewhere New

More and more, traveling is becoming something that young adults aspire to do. They feel doomed by the economy. They may not own their own homes, but they can do their best to accumulate experiences while they are still young. They want to cram as much excitement and adventure as they can into their trips, as they cannot afford to take too many of them. They do not want the typical hotel experience either. Instead, they prefer something loose and naturalistic. They want to feel that they are immersing themselves in something real.

Backpacking trips are incredibly popular among this demographic. Young adults on small budgets are able to sustain themselves for months by avoiding the typical trappings of travel. It is not about just going on vacation and forgetting about their normal everyday lives. They see themselves as scrappy, creative survivors, and they want their trips to be life-changing because the cost of taking time away from their jobs can be fairly severe. If they are going to bother going on vacation, it needs to be absolutely, completely worth it.

Not everyone is a natural adventurer, and few people have the time and money to spend on experimental excursions. People want to get the full adventure experience right away. Businesses like Outdoor Traveler Destinations and its offshoot newsletter,
Outdoor-Traveler News, are starting to pop up specifically to cater to these prospective travelers.

The standardization of non-standard methods of travel is not a crass commercialization of something pure. It provides people with everything they need to immediately embark on the kinds of trips that they have always dreamed of having. These companies are great resources for people who are not interested in roughing it. There is value in immersing oneself in nature, even if creature comforts are close by.

Many of these locations are family-friendly. There is no age limit on finally going on one’s first outdoor adventure. New package deals are constantly popping up, each one offering experiences in new locations and unconventional lodgings. The packages come compete with detailed information about the places, including sights to see and things to do. Travelers can request multiple pictures of each location, which is important, since aesthetics are a key factor in the enjoyment of this type of trip. Though sticking to a budget is always important, these trips are less about eliminating luxuries than they are about stripping away unnecessary distractions. People who travel with the help of an outdoor adventure planner will be spending as much time outdoors as possible, and the recommended lodgings have been selected because they are parts of their environments, not removed from them.

Each package is developed with particular activities in mind, like swimming, fishing and camping. Aspiring travelers can even visit online forums, where users discuss their trips and make creative recommendations. Millennials strive to live curated lifestyles, and this hand-picked approach to vacations gives them everything they are looking for in an online travel agency.