Tips for Renting a Boat for Your Next Trip

Have you always dreamed about taking off on a vacation where you could see the water every day and feel the wind whipping through your hair? Instead of settling for a tropical vacation that includes a trip out on the water in a glass-bottom boat, consider renting your own boat. Even if you have little experience, or you never stepped foot on a boat before, you can still have an enjoyable experience. There are three simple tips you can use to find the right boat rental for your vacation.

Ease of Use

When looking for a boat to rent, you should always consider how easy it is to actually use that boat. Beginners may find that they prefer something like a pontoon boat or a house boat. Many of these boats have an easy to use engine and features that let the boat do all the hard work. You simply set the coordinates on the internal GPS and check back a few times a day to make sure you stay on course. A boat with additional features like a boat lift motor may be better suited for with more experience in the captain’s chair.


The best type of boat for you often depends on the type of amenities you need. Do you love the idea of spending a day on the water, docking later in the night and sleeping right on the water? A house boat that comes with one or more bedrooms is perfect for you. If you prefer staying in a cabin or hotel and spending your day on the water, you might do better with a speed boat. Rental boats may come with other features as well, including a barbecue grill on the deck, private bathrooms or a tow bar for transporting a smaller boat or water skiers.


Before you start planning your boating trip, decide on a location. Beginners may prefer renting a house boat that sits on a small lake. If you have less experience, you may not want to deal with ocean currents and the risk of getting lost on the high seas. Pay attention to the activities and attractions near the rental too. You’ll find boats for rent near museums, horseback riding, biking trails and even amusement parks. Choose a location and a boat rental that works best for you and anyone you travel with on your trip.