Tips for Exploring the Glen Canyon Region in Arizona

There is seemingly no comparable sight than the beauty to behold in Northeast Arizona. The skies appear turquoise, covering the land of lumbering cliffs and buttes. The land belongs to the Hopi and Navajo tribes; people truly in tune with the earth and kinship. Located just north of Page, Arizona, the Glen Canyon Region is a prime example of this scenic beauty. Exploration of this area can take many forms.
• Rent a boat from one of the many marinas in the area and tour Lake Powell on your own. The Glen Canyon Dam is what keeps the Lake at its enormous size.
• The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is home to deep blue water, steep natural stone walls and the Dam. Here you’ll find an abundance of hiking trails, for both the amateur and more experienced. For a more leisurely trip by foot, guests can easily walk through a small space in the canyon to take in the beauty.
• To get a lower view of the area, a rafting trip along the Colorado River will provide a unique experience. There are many package trips that vary in their offerings. Some trips are only for half of the day, while others extended over the course of a few days.