The Ways to Distract Yourself Pleasantly

You may have a painful or annoying memory you’d like to forget. There’s nothing like a good two-hour distraction to accomplish that. These are three ideas that will help you if you desire to forget an uncomfortable thought or memory. Try this if you’re currently on a quest for peace:

Watch a Movie

Sitting down and getting into a good movie can take you away from anything that’s currently troubling your mind. Choose the type of movie you watch wisely so that you don’t end up watching something that will aggravate any negative feelings you might be dealing with right now. Comedy and romantic comedy are two genres you may want to consider delving into.  

Take a Scenic Cruise

A scenic cruise on a boat like the Manatee might be good for you as well. You’ll get to go out in the open area and see scenery you’ve never seen before. You’ll also get the chance to be in the presence of new people who may also be nice, friendly folks. Maybe you’ll get involved in a long and exciting chat with one of them that you’ll remember for years to come. 

Drive to a Place Far Away

Another idea is to take a long drive that’s approximately two hours. Where you go on your long drive is up to you. Maybe you can find a restaurant that isn’t present in your area. Perhaps you want to take a trip to see a comedy show you have always wanted to see. Make sure the trip will take you at least an hour and that you create an amazing playlist for the ride there. You won’t’ be able to listen to awesome music and think about discouraging thoughts at the same time. 

Try one or several of the suggestions mentioned above if you are trying to forget something painful. You’ll manage it well.