The Two Types Of Gulet Yacht Charter From Dalmatian Coast Cruises

A gulet yacht charter can help you embark on a Journey around the islands of the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. On board a gullet, you have your own captain and team to cruise the vessel and deal with your travel itinerary on every city, a cook who is skilled in preparing the best Dalmatian dishes; and aside from that you can do other water activities like fishing, kayaking, and water skiing.

Here are two of the most popular gulet yacht charters that you can use on private cruises or special events in Croatia.

Gulet Vjeko

The Gulet Vjeko is perfect for special and memorable events like wedding and engagement parties on board a gulet charter in Croatia. This gulet is owned and operated by the Vukovic family, which has a hundred-year old history of gulet charter service and has been in the luxury gulet cruising business for more than 30 years. The gulet was recently updated (2009) and can accommodate 21 visitors on its 5 double cabins, 2 triple lodges and 2 twin lodges. The crew is composed of 5 people including the captain, chef, 2 deck-hands & one lady tour guide. The voyage courses and schedules can be tailor made to your necessities and the skipper is on hand to help you plan on how to visit the several islands and numerous landmarks and attractions you can see in Croatia.
Gulet Barba

The Gulet Barba is an exceptional gulet design because it has sun decks on all aspects of the watercraft including a dining area on the rooftop, comfortable seating and sunbathing loungers. Additionally, at 37 meters in length, which is substantial for a gulet, there is a lot of living space in the inside of the gulet yacht, with 7 roomy cabins that can comfortably fit 14 visitors, cared for by an exceptionally mindful crew of 4 people. The watercraft can cruise out from either Split or Dubrovnik and you are welcome to make recommendations for your own gulet tour agenda. There are parts to see up and down the Dalmatian Coast, which is saturated with history and has an abundance of characteristic excellence as well and this gulet can help you easily accomplish your travel itinerary of Croatia.

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