Tas Hotels Abano Terme: Healthy Holidays in Spa Hotels in Europe

A holiday is undoubtedly a time to enjoy yourself but not at the expense of your health. Since health is wealth, the smart thing to do is to combine your holiday with looking after your beauty, well-being and health. With spa hotels in europe like Tas hotels Abano Terme, healthy holidays with your family are indeed possible. Abano Terme is located in Italy, the place which abounds with history, great artwork, wines and more.

Great Things to Do in Abano Terme

Abano Terme is a town in Padua, a province in Italy. It is 10 kilometres away from the city of Padua. Abano Terme is much famed for its mud baths and hot springs with waters that reach a temperature of 80 Degrees Celsius. But that’s not all that this town has to offer. There are attractions like Abano Cathedral, the Montirone Gallery and Madonna della Salute.

Abano Cathedral is an eighteenth century church with parts from the ninth century. Works of II Moretto, Guido Reni and Palma the Younger can be seen at the Montirone Gallery. II Moretto not only painted great paintings of Madonna but he was also known to fast and pray earnestly prior to painting anything sacred. A visit to the Madonna della Salute, a fifteenth century church is a must for those who wish to be at the very site where Madonna appeared before Pietro Falco to heal his wounds.

How to Enjoy a Healthy Holiday

Nowadays, there are various top spa hotels in europe like Tas Hotel in Abano Terme. Such a hotel offers various amenities like sauna, gym, massage, mud therapy and thermal swimming pool. A good massage can get rid of aches and pains in the body. A well-trained masseuse is able to identify stiff points in a person’s body and provide relevant advice on proper diet and so on as a means of prevention.

There are different choices of mud wrap colours for those who desire a mud therapy at a spa hotel like Tas Health Hotel. A mud therapy is not only rejuvenating but it also beautifies the skin. To enjoy the maximum benefits of a spa, arrive at least 45 minutes early before the appointed hour, using the time to change and relax your body and mind as much as possible. Those who wish to save money have the option of choosing one of the spa packages, which include a few nights stay with breakfast, massage, aesthetic treatment and more.