Still wondering about your Summer holiday?

Summer time is the time to travel, but where to go? Should you head to the beach or the mountains? Somewhere relaxing or somewhere exciting? Modern or exotic? Here is a list of top travel destinations places to get your mind geared up and planning for the perfect summer vacation.


Beachy relaxation

If dipping your toe in some of the world’s clearest aqua blue waters has always been a dream, then a summer vacation to Akumal in Quintana Roo is the place for you. This stunning beach destination is just a short drive from Mexico’s Cancun Airport. Here you will find miles of pristine fine white sandy beaches, luxury resorts, incredible dining and shopping and most importantly, some of the bluest waters anywhere on the planet.  It has long been renowned for its world-class diving and the beautiful Half-Moon Bay.


Exotic delights

From beautiful tropical beaches to the bustle of the capital city of Bangkok, Thailand is a country everyone should explore. Often touted as having the world’s best street food, it is also a shopper’s paradise. The natural beauty of Thailand changes dramatically from the beaches in the south to the villages in the north.  Bankgkok’s golden temples and treks to visit the hill tribes on the back of an elephant only add to the exotic wonder of this peaceful country.


Historic sights

Not much in the world is more historic than the Coliseum and the Forum, right next to each other in Rome. Relics of the first great western civilization that controlled the known world at that time, these two attractions are impressive not only for their beauty but also for their history. This is where Caesar walked and where gladiators battled to the death. So much of our world’s history comes from this spot. Find an excellent tour guide to get a full appreciation of these historical wonders.


Pristine Nature

Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada is an outdoors person dream. While hiking, climbing and mountain biking are year-round pursuits; in the summer visitors also enjoy canoeing, rafting and kayaking the glacier-fed rivers and lakes. It is home the stunning emerald Lake Louise, Canada’s largest cave system the Castleguard Caves, more than 1000 glaciers, and a 27-hole championship golf course. There are truly luxurious hotels including the Fairmont Banff Springs or for those more adventurous there are plenty of campsites.


Urban Excursion

For something a little different, what about a city centered vacation? A favorite is Seattle, Washington which enjoys near perfect weather in the summer – not too hot and not too cold (or wet). With the ocean, mountains and thousands of acres of parkland, Seattle is a little bit of everything in one great cosmopolitan city. There are museums, theaters, festivals along with world-class dining, luxury and discount shopping. A special treat in Seattle is the Pike Place Market for fresh fish and wonderful trinkets, enjoy a latte at the original Starbucks, or visit the EMP Museum designed by architect Frank Gehry, and highlighting the history of music in Seattle. For the sport buffs don’t miss your chance to catch a Seahawks or Mariners home game.