Safety Tips When Inside Your Hotel Room

When you are in your hotel room, it is important to take several precautionary measures to ensure that your security is enhanced. There have been several incidences involving hotel guests. Therefore, the following tips will help you to be safe while staying in hotels in Orlando.

1. Place your room key together with a portable flashlight close to your bed every time before you sleep. This will help you to find the key quickly in case of an emergency. You will also need this key to get back into your room. It is unsafe to walk in the dark in the hotel at night in case of a power blackout. Also in case of a fire and the building is being evacuated, the flashlight will be a lifesaver in a smoke-filled hallway.

2. Get to know your room and the surrounding areas including the emergency exit so that in case of any emergency, you can safely leave the building especially at night.

3. Keep your guest room door locked every time using the door lock.

4. When inside the guest room, use a portable door wedge or any other mobile locking device when in the shower or while sleeping. This may seem a bit paranoid, but burglars often frequent hotels that use traditional metal keys that can be obtained quickly. It is unfortunate that most hotels don’t change their door locks when their keys get lost. Criminals know that most of the guest rooms may contain valuables belonging to the guests. Some are very bold even to listen at the door to see if you are taking a shower. If they know you are in the shower, they enter your room using a spare key and steal your belongings.

5. In case you receive a phone call from someone stating that he or she is in the hotel and needs to repair something in your room, be cautious. Get the person’s name then call the front desk to confirm the identity of the person.

6. If you hear a knock at your door and the person says that he or she works at the hotel, and you did not request for any service, don’t open the door. Instead call the front desk and confirm the identity and validity of that employee.

7. Use the security peephole to see who is standing at your door. If you are not sure about the person’s identity, leave the swing lock or door chain engaged while opening the door.

8. Take care when you leave your balcony doors and windows open at night, especially if they lead to other balconies. Burglars often hop from one balcony to another looking for doors and windows left open by guests.

9. There have been privacy issues, especially for people who walk naked in their rooms. So cover the peephole from inside your room to avoid being watched by intruders.

Your safety should be your highest priority. The above tips will keep you protected when inside your hotel room. In fact, you will not have any worries even while you sleep.