Rug Bazaars in Turkey

Turkey has always been and will be one of my favourite holiday destination. It doesn’t even matter whether I might want to spend a summer or winter there: summers are hot, which is something I like, while winters are a lot warmer than where I live. This is why visiting Turkey is such a good option in my case.

One of my preferred places to visit in Istanbul is the Grand Bazaar. I usually drop by there at least once or twice during my stay in Istanbul. The place is like a giant maze that never ends. I read somewhere that the Bazaar has around 4,000 stores located there many of which sell carpets, rugs, jewellery, furniture, spices, etc. I have to admit that I rarely buy anything there due to fact that I don’t like to haggle (you need to like and know to haggle before buying anything on a bazaar, if you don’t you are very likely to overpay), but I enjoy strolling down the streets of the bazaar just looking at things especially the carpets and rugs.

I noticed that many of the rugs I can find in Istanbul look like the rugs it is possible to buy in an online store in the UK. As a matter of fact, these are traditional designs but they look like modern rugs. So if you have just came back from Turkey or any other country that has bazaars, you are likely to find many similar rugs in online stores in your country. The plus is that you are never going to pay more for them than you absolutely have to. This is a big deal for me as I definitely don’t like to overpay for something such as rugs. It might be nice to visit the Grand Bazaar once in a while, but I definitely like to have my shopping done on the Internet.