Responsibilities of Providers and Patients in Home Healthcare

Home healthcare takes many forms. While many think of it only as a tool for those who are permanently ill or nearing the end of life, the reality is that many people use home healthcare only temporarily. If you have an upcoming surgery that will require a bit of extra help during recovery, healthcare at home Westchester County could be helpful.

Responsibilities of a Home Healthcare Provider

Simply put, a home healthcare provider is meant to keep you safe and healthy during your recovery process. Depending on why you need in-home care, your provider might perform tasks such as caring for surgical wounds, providing education for you and loved ones, ensuring you receive proper nutrition via cooking meals or providing IV therapy, and administering injections or other medications. Other common tasks including monitoring your temperature and blood pressure, talking about your pain levels, and ensuring you’re ready to take care of yourself when the time comes.

Responsibilities of the Patient

Working toward your recovery means you have responsibilities of your own. Most importantly, heed your doctor’s and home health provider’s instructions. Let both know if you feel unexpected pain, forget medication, or otherwise feel like something isn’t going well with your recovery. By taking care of yourself with assistance from a licensed provider, you’ll heal more quickly, becoming more self-sufficient and regaining your independence sooner.

The best time to seek someone to provide medical care at home is as soon as you learn you will need it. Look for an agency that is licensed, insured, and has a strong reputation within the healthcare industry and among its former clients. Remember to verify the agency accepts your insurance, ask plenty of questions, and be sure to interview several people before hiring someone. This helps to ensure you work with medical personnel who are professional, friendly, and ready to help you get back on your feet.