Rediscover the Wonder of Ancient Asia

Asia has a vast and fascinating history that has left many wonders to discover strewn across the landscape. The culture, traditions and customs, art, and architecture are just a few of the many reasons to visit and explore Asia and enjoy its unique hotels.

Asia is known for its long history of both inner conflict and global prosperity. While Asia was utilizing the Silk Road to trade various goods across the globe and increase its general wealth, it was also very dynamic in terms of politics and society; it was large and not very connected. Being slightly segregated, many divergent cultures emerged with their own beautiful arts, customs, traditions, and architecture.

Much of what they left behind is still scattered across the landscape, and all it takes is proper planning, provisions, and the heart of an adventurer to get out there and rediscover the wonder of Ancient Asia while still maintaining modern comfort and standards!

Did you know that China likely still has multiple undiscovered pyramids? Imagine the excitement of touring the jungles of Asia and looking for ancient temples and burial mounds that haven’t been seen by humans for thousands of years! The wonders and treasures of ancient times captivate the mind and, in search of them, many have been lead to make great discoveries for mankind.

But perhaps you’re a little more reserved, and less willing to risk your life in search of treasure that you’d never be allowed to keep anyways. There are always the luxuries of modernity, including world class hotels and resorts; some with their own fascinating histories, and some with the elaborate comforts and pleasures requisite in any relaxing and luxurious vacation.

The Strand Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar is a 100+ year old colonial building. It was used to house colonial diplomats and politicians, and was built in 1901 with intended luxury. It has since been converted into a 5 star hotel, and has accommodated guests such as Prince Edward, Mick Jagger, and Oliver Stone!

The Pullman Hotel G in Bangkok, Thailand is a splash of modernity with its gorgeous and trendy all-white interior design, granite-black floors and tables, and 12 food and beverage locations within the building. This flashy glass high-rise is an iconic piece of Bangkok’s skyline, and the view from inside its suites of the surrounding city is breathtaking.

The Unplugged Edition portfolio currently includes many hotels in Myanmar, Thailand, China, and Hong Kong, as well as other global locations. All of them are unique and recognized as the top world class hotels on the planet; and all are comfortable and luxurious.

But maybe you want to look beyond the luxury hotels in Asia; after all, your accommodations are only half the journey. Maybe you want to get out and see what else Asia has to offer in terms of tourism, scenery, and education.

Asia has been a cradle of civilization for nearly as long as Egypt and the Middle East; it has been evolutionary divergent in political, social, and cultural terms for thousands of years, making it unique and completely authentic in its own right. Get out and see some of its fascinating history in all its ancient architecture, art, and traditional customs.

Visit the land of Myanmar and see its pride and joy, the Shwedagon Pagoda, and experience the rich Buddhist tradition there. Why not feel the calm and serenity of entering a temple in the busy streets of Bangkok, leaving the hurried crowd at the door and stepping a thousand years back into the quiet. Or go see the Great Wall of China!