Reasons to Travel

Since this is a travel blog I am sure that I don’t have to convince any of my visitors about the benefits of traveling the world. However, if you have friends or family members who are not so keen to travel and would prefer to rather stay at home and watch TV, here are some reasons to travel:

1. Traveling makes you healthier. It is common knowledge that once you travel to a new location you are more likely to stay active because you want to visit as many places as possible. So instead of spending your days in front of TV you are more likely to just leave your hotel room and venture around until you are so active that you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

2. Traveling gives you a reason to have a Scratch off Map hanging on a wall in your house so that you can brag about all those places you have been to. It is also a great ice breaker if you happen to have guests in your house and are in need of something so start a conversation with them. Having a scratch off map can make you feel better and you will be motivated to keep visiting a lot of places in the future just so that you are able to scratch off those countries you have been to. Even if you don’t travel as much as some presidents or the Pope, you can at least be proud of all those places you have been to yourself and you have an opportunity to talk to your friends about your great adventures.

3. Finally, traveling broadens your horizons, makes you smarter and more open minded. For example, you might not know what poverty really feels like unless you have travelled to places that are considered to be some of the most deprived ones in the world like Africa for example. The world has so many wonderful places that there is no way you are going to experience a lot of things just from the comfort of your sofa. You need to actually be able to experience things to become smarter and wiser.