My Favourite Places in London

If you asked me which city or town in England is my favorite, I would say London without any hesitation. There are some other towns and cities in England that offer a lot to those who choose to visit them, but I personally believe that not that many other places in the UK can so easily compete with everything that London has to offer in terms of entertainment and amusement. None of them come even close and they pale in comparison with London.

London is a bustling place that offers something to everybody. You will know how true this statement is once you go straight to places that offer you serviced apartments to rent. I have been to London a few times before and I do not ever recall being bored with everything that the city has to offer. As a matter of fact, there are still many tourist attractions that I have not visited yet, but I guess I will leave them for the time when I am going to visit the city of London during my next trip and stay in one of the many short term rentals in London.

If I were to give you some advice what is absolutely mandatory to visit in London, I would say the Tower of London. This is simply one of those places that should never be missed or ignored. This historical site has so much to offer to visitors that I usually recommend it to anybody who asks me what is worth seeing in the capital city of England.

Every time I am in London in one of the holiday rentals, I do not have a lot of time to visit all those places I would like to see. I usually have to make up my mind and only choose those places that are worth while and that are mandatory to see for every tourist who comes to the city. One solution to the problem might be sightseeing tours, which are guaranteed to show you around and thanks to which you will not miss anything important.