MCX RZR XP 1000 Turbo System

As admitted adrenaline junkies, we love Turbos. The RZR XP 1000 has changed the game when it comes to sport UTVs, and the addition of a turbo to this exciting model means upwards of 180 horsepower, enough to dust pretty much anything in the dunes. MCX is the reigning leader in UTV turbos, with kits for all RZR models, the Commander, Maverick and even the more utility-oriented Ranger. We’ve provided a few of the specs and performance details of the XP 1000 turbo below. MCX sells a few other Polaris RZR accessories as well.

The kit utilizes the MCX 5th Generation EFI fuel controller that allows fuel to be delivered through two secondary injectors that are mounted in the intake plenum incorporating a very important blow off valve. The addition of a turbo to any powerplant reduces engine compression with the installation of a head shim. WHen you lower the compression ratio, detonation is prevented, which in turn allows more boost. The turbo’s air to air intercooler dramatically reduces intake temperature. When combined with a lower compression ratio from the head shim, 11 PSI of boost pressure is safely run using premium 92 octane pump gas. The turbo also includes a patent-pending Donaldson Intake Filter System as well as a High Flow muffler. Adjustable clutching is required in order to handle extra horsepower delivered by the engine.

The basis for the system is a proven Mitsubishi OEM Turbo, supported by an MCXpress EFI Controller. HIgh capacity fuel injectors and a custom ported intake plenum keep the fuel moving and burning at an optimal rate, and the Integrated Blow Off Valve prevents engine detonation. The aluminum High Flow Muffler is designed and tuned to work flawlessly with the turbo and full Intercooler and Charge Tubing are also included. MCX throws in a boost gauge and primary and secondary clutch springs to make the most of the turbo. An adjustable weight kit allows owners to fine tune the Turbo to their specific application and driving conditions based on vehicle weight, tire size, and operating elevation. For MCX’s full line of turbos, visit