If You Had a Million Dollars, Where Would You Go?

So, where would you go if you had one million dollars? What kind of place would you choose? Would you try to get the best out of that money or try to find a location that suits you and your expectations?

Or, better – would you choose partying or leisure? Well, in today’s article we will talk about a location that seems to have it all – beautiful sights, plenty of things to do, amazing architecture, wildlife, and many more.

Therefore, before you decide how to spend your million dollars, give our article a read and you may even end up visiting this European city – it’s not that expensive and it sure has a lot to offer.


The Largest Ski Resort in the Alps

If you love winter sports, but skiing in general, then you have to search for airport transfers in Innsbruck – the city is the fifth largest one in Austria and Tyrol’s provincial capital.

In terms of fame, so to say, Innsbruck was one of the eight cities that hosted the 2008 European Football Championships and it has also hosted the Winter Olympics twice so far.

Moreover, if you can’t always stick to one place when traveling, Innsbruck is pretty close to the city of Munich and to Italy’s northern side – so, when you feel the need for a change, just use a part of your million dollars and go visit the nearby regions.


What to See?

When it comes to seeing things, you definitely have to begin with Altstadt von Innsbruck – the Old Town of Innsbruck. Here, you’ll find more about the city itself, as well as some reputed restaurants, pubs, and such.

Then, you can move on and visit the Ambras Castle, a Renaissance building that has sheltered the historical figure of Archduke Ferdinand II. Or, you could choose the Imperial Palace, also known as Hofburg, a building constructed way back, in the 1400s.

Furthermore, if you want to get dazzled, then you must visit the Swarovski Crystal World – hundreds and thousands of crystals, displayed in Chambers of Wonder will surely make for an unforgettable memory.


What to Do?

Because we know that not anyone enjoys walking, visiting, and looking at stuff, here are some things that you will definitely enjoy doing. First of all, we have the Bergisel Ski Jump – a 90m slope that athletes use when training, which has a coffee shop and a viewing platform at the top, waiting for you.

Then, you can hop in the Innsbruck Nordkettenbahnen – the cable car ride – which will take you to Nordkette, a part of Austria’s largest natural park.

The journey takes about 20 minutes, but there are several stops along the way – you can choose to continue using the cable car ride or reach Nordkette by yourself, on foot. In both cases, you will get a beautiful view of the mountain scenery that surrounds the path up to Nordkette.


The Bottom Line

In the end, given the fact that Innsbruck comes with such great positioning on the map, plenty of things to do and enjoy, we think that it may be worth spending your million dollars in – that if, of course, you don’t have any other place in mind!

In any case, a shortstop in Innsbruck to enjoy the winter view will do you only good!