How To Prepare for Aging in Place

As a homeowner, you put a lot of work into turning your house into a place you truly love. You may decide you want to stay in your home as you get older, even if you need a little extra help. While this decision is likely feasible, it does take some planning to make sure your home remains the safe haven you’ve always known it to be. Here are three tasks to cross off your checklist when you commit to aging in place.

1. Finding Assistance

As your body ages, you inevitably slow down. At some point, you may not even be able to keep up laundry or housework or prepare healthy meals on a regular basis. It’s smart to look into home care assistance Grosse Pointe MI, for daily living tasks. Start shopping around for people to take care of your lawn and other outside tasks. The less work you personally have to do to maintain your home, the longer you’re likely to be able to stay there.

2. Finding Transportation

Losing your driver’s license can be upsetting, but it doesn’t mean you’ve lost your freedom or have to depend on the availability of family and friends to go anywhere. Many home care helpers offer transportation as one of their services. It also makes sense to familiarize yourself with public transit options in your area. Take special note of their accessibility features, as you may require them at some point. 

3. Finding Connection

It’s not uncommon for seniors to become isolated. A social life is vital, however, for maintaining your overall mental health and wellness. Establish a routine with friends and family to check in on a regular basis. Join a club or learn a new hobby that helps you meet new people. Use the freedom that aging in place gives you to stay connected.

Aging in place requires planning. As long as you find the support you need, though, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to stay in your home.