How To Keep Valuables Safe When Traveling

Safety from thieves and rough handling is a big concern when you’re traveling with expensive cameras, computers or guns. On business trips, you could even be traveling with important files or products for sale. A valuable tip is to remain alert for thieves and damaging situations. However, you do have to sleep, enter a restroom, and engage in many other distracting activities. Here’s some tips for holding onto your valuables while on the move.

Protective Cases
Get a case with a padlock or a bag with a lockable zipper. These can hold important documents, valuables, or products. For guns and electronics, there are specialized cases that hold the items in custom compartments. A specialized case will keep your possessions from rattling around and potentially breaking within the case.

You can choose between hard cases and canvas cases. Hard cases are better for hazardous handling and bad weather conditions. They can take a lot of abuse. Cases made of canvas are less noticeable and generally easier to carry from place to place. There are versions of these protective cases that double as a shipping case if items need to be sent ahead to your destination.

There are multiple ways to travel, and each has it’s own concerns. In your car, you can lock valuables up in the trunk. It’s a much safer option than leaving your case in plain view of the car windows. If you’re going in somewhere for the night, take the case with you to your room. Use other bags or jackets to remain unobtrusive while you’re transporting your case from your car to your hotel room.

The alternative to personal vehicles is public transportation: buses, trams and trains. In this case, never leave your valuables stowed under the seat or in overhead compartments while leaving the vehicle. If you’re sleeping in tight quarters, keep the casing or bag close by or even on your lap. If you’re traveling around a city on public transportation while having no need of your valuables, keep them locked up in the room. Some hotels can provide a safe for your items.

Losing valuable possessions is a terrible way to end your trip, whether it be for vacation or for work. Prevent that by preparing yourself with secure storage and exercising caution on the road.