How to Get Real Estate Leads

Are you a new realtor struggling to drum up some business? In the real estate industry, finding buyers or sellers is all about staying “top of mind”, meaning you want to be the first person that comes to mind when people think of a Realtor. Here are 3 tips for getting real estate leads.

Market Yourself

Real estate is a business, and agents need to use marketing strategies just like any other business does. There are several options for marketing. You can use real estate postcard marketing to send out personalized mailers to people in your farm area. Run ads on social media to reach people online. Walk door to door in your neighborhood, introduce yourself and give out business cards.

Make Phone Calls

Don’t be afraid to make phone calls. Some experienced realtors recommend blocking a certain time out of each day to make phone calls, or to make at least 10 calls per day. What if you don’t have a large phone bank? You can search real estate sites like Zillow for FSBO (For Sale By Owner) listings and offer to help them get a better value for their home. You can also pull phone numbers from the expired listings on the MLS, and offer to help them get their home sold.

Partner With Other Businesses

A great strategy for getting business is to build relationships with other businesses. You can connect with your local bakery and purchase pies for your open house. It is wise to build an alliance with a title company so you have someone you can recommend to your clients.

Nurture the leads you get. Realtors often get impatient after showing a potential buyer several homes without any offers. But if you continue to foster those relationships, it will pay off in the end.