5 Tips for a Merry Christmas Camping Trip

If you and your family love camping, why not start a new tradition and go camping this Christmas? While this is fairly common in Australia, where Christmas happens to be in the middle of summer, there’s no reason those of us in the States can’t enjoy a Yuletide camping trip as well. Don’t have a camper? Click here for a great selection of fifth wheels near you. Now grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy these tips on how to make your Christmas camping trip merry and bright.

  1. Consider weather. Are you looking for a snowy getaway or do you want somewhere to warm up? Depending on where you live or how far you want to travel, you can probably find weather to suit whatever activities you most enjoy while camping – from cross country skiing to kayaking.
  2. Consider camping style. Do consider a luxury fifth wheel “roughing it” or do you only consider it “camping” if there’s a tent involved? Along with the weather, taking your camping style into consideration is extremely important. For instance, if you need hookups, you’ll want to be sure your campground has them.
  3. Consider activities. Do you like to ski or snorkel? Spend time at a lodge around a roaring fire or roast marshmallows over your own campfire? Do you want to be near major parks or attractions, or do you like to relax out in the wilderness? Think about what you’d like to do over the holiday and choose a camping spot nearby.
  4. Make sure there’s room at the inn… or at least at the campground. Popular campgrounds may either be booked solid or not open at all. Avoid disappointment by calling and booking well in advance to ensure you have a spot. Also check to see if any of the campgrounds amenities are available on Christmas day. Some campgrounds may close up their store and clubhouse while others might even host Christmas dinner.
  5. Bring holiday spirit with you. Last but certainly not least, if you celebrate Christmas, be sure to bring decorations and music with you. A small tree and a few ornaments along with your favorite Christmas music go a long way toward setting a festive holiday mood. And don’t wait until you get home to exchange gifts, especially if you have kids. Go ahead and exchange them on Christmas day.

Keep these tips in mind and camping is sure to become a new favorite holiday tradition.