4 Accessories to Help You get the Most out of Your Flashlight

It might seem redundant to carry a separate flashlight if your phone has a built-in one. However, phone flashlights are only good for quick tasks such as finding something you just dropped on the ground or peeking under the couch. With advances in technology and the various kinds of flashlights now available, it is a good idea to carry a separate flashlight for situations when you need a more steady, bright, and long-lasting light. Not only can you find a flashlight to match your unique needs, but innovative accessories like the ones listed here can upgrade your flashlight in a matter of seconds.




If you’re someone who works on their own vehicle, you know how important it is to have a light that holds steady. If you’re the person who’s been assigned the role of light holder, you know how quickly the mechanic-flashlight holder relationship can become contentious. With a flashlight clamp, you can position your light wherever you need it. The clamp will grip any surface and hold tight, keeping your light trained right where you need it and your flashlight safe and secure. It’s great for anyone who needs to manipulate a light source and have it stay in one place for an extended period of time.




Holsters come in a variety of different styles, all designed for different uses. Shoulder holsters are great for tactical situations and for runners. Helmet holsters keep your light trained wherever your eyes are. There are even holsters that allow flashlights to be attached to the handlebars of a bike. You can invest in several different styles of holsters, all built to fit your favorite flashlight, meaning you won’t have to pick up a handful of lights that only do one thing.


Laser Caps


Need pinpoint accuracy? A laser cap will focus your flashlight’s beam and convert it into a laser. Laser caps are easy to attach and remove and come in many different colors. Pick the color that best suits your needs, whether it’s for hunting or tactical situations, or grab a bunch to alternate between colors. Pair a laser cap with a gun mount for a fairly inexpensive alternative to laser sights which can cost several hundred dollars. And, bonus: you’ve still got the flashlight to use instead of investing in a one trick pony that is only a laser sight.


Retractable Lanyard


Belt holsters are an option for carrying flashlights on the hip, but if you’re not crazy about clipping and unclipping, holstering and unholstering, then a retractable lanyard clipped to your waist will keep your flashlight close at hand. Use the flashlight, drop it, and be sure it’s still on your hip. It’s perfect for those on-the-go who need to be able to quickly switch between different light modes. And if you’re the type of person who tends to put your flashlight down somewhere and forget it, a retractable lanyard will keep your flashlight on your person.


The right accessories make any job easier and it’s no different for a flashlight. The right accessories will make your flashlight an efficient and indispensable part of your daily carry arsenal.