3 Tips to Improve Your Putting

Many golfers do not realize that around one third of the shots they take during a game is putting. Not being adept at putting is a sure path to higher scores. As you golf in Palm Desert, spend time on the putting green to become a better golfer. Here are 3 tips to improve your putting.

Prepare Mentally

As you prepare to putt, it is important not to over-think it. Instead of looking at the ball, visualize the route it will take. See it traveling to the high side of the hole since many golfers miss on the low side. You may want to pick out the exact spot where the ball will roll into the hole and aim for that.

Check Your Grip

It is best not to grip too tightly and grip with your fingers. You want to grip firmly enough to control the alignment of the club. If your grip is too tight, the club will not have a natural swing. The pressure you use should be the same on every putt. Also, make sure the left hand is not hindered in any way as it guides the direction of the putt.

Roll the Ball

It may seem minor, but you need to roll the ball into the hole, not hit it. Shift your weight a bit to the left to help the left hand guide the ball. Keep the head of the putter close to the ground through the putt to keep the ball from hopping.