3 Reasons Why You Should Vacation During Christmas

Taking the family on a vacation – during the Christmas season? It might not be the most likely time to pack up and ship out, but there are quite a few benefits to recommend it. Think about it: the simmering tropics while everyone back home is freezing in their turtlenecks, or finally taking that yacht for the extended trip you haven’t been able to enjoy since you bought the boat. The winter holidays are a wonderful time to make happy new memories with your family. Here are three fabulous reasons why you should do it this year!

1. Convenient timing. When else are you going to be looking at built-in time off for the entire family? Whether your kids are school-aged or in college or even out working, there are at least a few days when you know they’ll be off. As for you and your significant other, all you have to do is plan ahead and save up those vacation or personal days.

2. Beautiful weather. Once you are in that paradise hotel room or on board the yacht you purchased after your friend suggested you visit St. Barts (and you fell in love), the stress will melt away as the warmth envelopes you. You’ll be worry-free in December. And that means you can concentrate on just enjoying time with family, doing amazing warm-weather activities, like ziplining or snorkeling/swimming or just basking.

3. Someone else is cooking. You can cook if you want to, but why not take this year off? Most vacationing Christmas revelers let someone else – a gourmet chef, perhaps? – handle the culinary creations come dinnertime. And if you’re not the one that’s stuck in the kitchen mashing potatoes or baking the green bean casserole, that means you are free to do whatever you please.
And lest you remain unconvinced, consider that going away for Christmas means no company; and no company means no cleaning – both of the house and after dinner – as well!