3 Basic Room Amenities Hotel Guests Expect

Whether you are traveling for a work engagement or enjoying a family vacation, you are most likely bound to find yourself booking a stay at a local hotel. Although you might only spend a limited amount of time in your room, it is customary to receive basic products and services. Hotel guests have come to expect simple room amenities similar to those that they would find in their own homes.

1. Phone Service

Not everyone has a cell phone or mobile device that allows them to make unlimited calls. Individuals may find themselves needing to contact local businesses or restaurants, colleagues or other hotel guests, and therefore rely on properly functioning phone services. Having telephone systems for hotels is an added convenience for guests, visitors and employees alike.

2. Internet Connection

Strong Wi-Fi connections are needed to access online information portals, social media platforms and streaming services. Given the fact that guests often travel with computers, tablets or other gaming consoles, it is imperative that hotels provide reliable internet services that allow individuals to utilize their personal devices. An additional internet package may need to be purchased if an individual needs more complex connectivity.

3. Television Access

Many individuals enjoy watching the news, movies or television shows prior to going to sleep. After a hectic or overly eventful day, guests may wish to unwind in the comfort of their own room. Access to a television can be an easy source of entertainment for young children, can serve as background noise and can help pass time between events. Hotels commonly offer basic cable channels with the option to upgrade to a wider number of television programs if requested.

Hotel guests expect to find the basic amenities when checking into their individual hotel rooms. Failure to receive these services may result in decreased customer satisfaction ratings and poor repeat business.