2 Tips for New Moms Returning to Work

Balancing a career and family is a challenging task, but it is especially difficult for new mothers. One of the first hurdles a mom must clear is that of returning to work. Whether she’s been on a months-long maternity leave, or was among the more than 20 percent of new mothers who were back at work in less than two weeks, the transition can be tough to navigate. Here are two tips to help ease the process.

Arranging Help

A working mom will typically require the assistance of others to watch her babe while she’s at work. Whether that support comes from a family member, a professional nanny or a daycare service, the arrangement may last for several years, so it’s important to find help that is reliable.

Concerns over dependability lead many parents to consider daycare, although not all programs will work with a busy mother’s schedule or even provide the same quality of care for children. Finding the right fit can be a challenge, but there are numerous publications and online resources where parents can read through testimonials and reviews dedicated to infant care Tampa.

Avoiding Guilt

Among the most difficult things new moms deal with can be a feeling of guilt about returning to work. Having a family gives a new perspective regarding the important things in life, and the first step in overcoming such feelings of remorse is recognizing that things have changed.

While her family will take center stage, there’s no shame in a mom having a career or taking time to pursue personal interests. In fact, by doing so, a mother is being a role model to her children and showing the importance of supporting her family. Additionally, a woman may worry that her baby will feel abandoned by her if she is absent, but studies have shown that children don’t begin to form memories until around age 2, so there’s no damage being done to the mother-child relationship.

Being a new mom is a lot of work, but some mothers also want to have a career. These tips will help her achieve it.